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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late 60s Fashion Style

Thought I'd share some of my favourite pictures from the book 'Late 60s Fashion Style', from P.I.E Books - it's a Japanese book, but there is basically no text - it's just packed full of images from bizarre photoshoots taken between 1965-1970. The pictures are roughly arranged into categories, including accessories, footwear, even interior design! I got it for my 20th birthday from my boyfriend, and I love it a lot. It's a bit awesome.

Best coat/dress ever?


P R I M O E Z A said...

oh wow, what fantastic inspiration!

Caitlin Shearer said...

wowee, their hairstyles are all so fab.

Jodes said...

holy inspiration, batman!!
i love alllll of these lovely ladies and their sweet threads and stylin' do's.
and i have to say that i have a thing for that sort of luggage-even when i'm supposed to be 'backpacking' it's all i'll lug around. it's chic and none of my new precious treasures will arrive broken!