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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First garment finished!

Yay! I've been so busy working on the collection I haven't really had time to write about it. My mum is helping me and things are coming along really well but it's still kind of overwhelming to think about the amount of work we have to do! I was determined to get this coat finished first because we need to hand in a photo of our work on Friday to be used on the grad show website and little personal profiles we get to hand out at the show. Most fashion students end up using an illustration or a picture of their textiles, because it's unlikely anyone has a whole look finished at this stage. My frustration in previous years has been looking through the profiles to find a particular collection and not being able to connect any of the images with what was shown on the runway. So I was really happy to have this coat finished and ready to photograph on my friend! I will probably use the picture below for the grad show stuff (it has to be a square image).

Note Jenni is wearing my awesome Pucci gumboots! I love them so much.
We're still sewing and printing away, and I'm also working on my business plan so that I can hopefully win a bit of money to start up Bell Street! Next week I'm going to Queensland for a couple of days to visit my cousin and her baby and see the Valentino exhibition, so I should have lots to talk about!

This is the online invite for our grad show. Isn't it cool? The fashion show will be streamed online, so definitely save that date!


avalonne lou summers said...

Whoa you made that coat? I wish I could make my own clothes... that would be the dream! You should go on Project Runway Australia! :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

it's always good to aim to do things better than the way others do them. congratulations!

Chloe said...

I LOVE that coat! You are amazing. I would definitely buy clothes from you.

Omaya said...

I wanna see you collection online, but the invite isn't there! When is it? Great coat!