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Friday, November 5, 2010

More collection stuff

The cupboard is starting to fill up with lots of colourful and exciting things!

I felt like this jumper suited the policeman's helmet. Isn't it the best jumper ever! so keeping this one for myself. That's right, hands off! mine.

THE big puffy cocoon coat. I have made six versions of this throughout the year (you can see one on the chair in the corner of this pic). So I gave this job to my mum because I pretty much never want to look at it again. Also because she was the applique queen in the 80's with her appliqued jumper business.

I always hated this jacket whenever I toiled it but the coloured knit fabric makes all the difference. I like it now.

Lots of lists to keep us organised....

We get a bit silly in the workroom....
My mum kept calling these her 'Adam Ant glasses' after a cartoon she watched when she was a kid. I just googled it and it's actually 'Atom Ant' so now I feel a bit silly.

I forgot to mention earlier, thanks for the comments on the last post. For those who love the raincoat, I am definitely doing a version of it when I start my business next year so you WILL be able to have one! As for the rest of the pieces in the collection, I'll set up an Etsy store to sell some of the garments and some toiles too. Be warned that anything from the collection will be pretty expensive as they are one-off garments made from expensive materials, most hand-dyed, screen printed, or custom knitted. If anyone is REALLY interested in a style, we can discuss re-creating it using more affordable materials and techniques. Thanks for all your interest! It means a lot to me.


Inez said...

I really love the colours!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love all of these. How wonderful!!!!

Catherine Au Jong said...


R. said...

I have no idea what toile-ing is, but I love that jacket with the crazy wavy hem! The colours of all of these are superb :)


Chris (tinytines.com) said...

Definitely interested in ordering a piece of your creations! Please keep us updated on how to go about doing so.

YAY :] Everything looks so eccentric and spectacular!

Danielle said...

You desinged those? So cool. I like what you did with the glasses, haha