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Monday, January 3, 2011

New apartment - living room

As I've mentioned several times now we've moved fairly recently, and so lately I've been busying myself trying to get things sorted out and make the place look home-y. I've made a lot more progress this week since taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, and I feel like I can almost call the lounge room and kitchen 'done'. I had the genius idea of taking pictures tonight because it looks so pretty and cosy with the lights on, but then remembered that I have a crappy camera that doesn't deal well without natural light. I'm posting them anyway, but be warned that they're a bit blurry and off-colour.




First time owning a tv since I moved out of home 5 years ago!




Print by Emily Martin

I love this mirror and didn't really have anywhere to put it in my old place. Now I get to look at it every day before heading out the door!


The unintentional red and green garden

I hate capsicums but my boyfriend loves them and the mini ones are so pretty on the plant!

While I'm thinking of the camera issue, I'm planning to get a new camera in Japan, any suggestions? I want one of those ones that's sort of in between a point&shoot and a DSLR (like this kinda thing). I would mainly be using it for the blog and photographing products for my business, but also for travel photos too! I have no idea what to get.


Chris (tinytines.com) said...

What a cozy home - I love all the quirky elements!!

as far as cameras go, my boyfriend's been looking at the panasonic GF2 that is coming out shortly. I saw the preview videos and it looks pretty nifty!

Aria said...

I love your apartment!!
I have the same white library in my living room!

I'm gonna follow your blog! Have a nice day!