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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Guys of the Sixties

I kind of miss all the sixties posts I used to do. This blog started out as an assignment for uni and so I had to be publishing regular content, but I think by the time the assignment was over I had sort of run out of things to post about! I really liked those posts though (if you're a relatively new reader, have a look through my archives from March-June last year), so I want to start doing more of them again. To start off with I'm going to post some pictures of some of my favourite sixties guys... Why? Because I feel like it. Enjoy.

Pete Townshend

Mick Jagger

Ray Davies

Jack Nicholson

John Lennon

Elton John

Keith Richards

Jimi Hendrix

David Bowie

John Entwhistle

Ray Charles

Roger Daltrey

Michael Caine

Keith Moon

Jim Morrison


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hi ali,

thanks a bunch for visiting me! it's happiness to find your place on the net and discover more about you. um, amazing designer much? wowness lades, your creations are incredible. good for you on pursuing your dreams.

love all your travel pics too and those sweet animals from Japan were adorable to see. i'm with you too about 60's style & swag, those fellas had it all going on and then some.

cheers to a great new week beginning. ♥

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

John Lennon. yum. love the 60's boys. :)

Joanne Faith said...

That's cool you started your blog as a school project... and then kept going!

I like the photo of Mick Jagger. He looks like he has interesting thoughts going on in his head.