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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pretzel bag

This is the second of my Bell Street bags. I've been calling it the Pretzel bag simply because it has a pretzel printed on it, but then so does the other bag! This bag was designed first and in my mind it'll always be the pretzel bag.
So I invented this one while I was at uni, where I had to carry ridiculously heavy books and equipment to and from uni every day. I would sometimes use a backpack, but being a fashion student I wanted something that looked better. I also hated having to take my backpack off every time I wanted to get something out! I decided I wanted something that could be a backpack during my 40min walk to uni, and convert quickly into a shoulder bag on arrival. There are hundreds of convertible backpacks out there, but none of them were right for me - they either looked hideous (I would rather have just been seen with a normal backpack) or the conversion was too complicated. I didn't want to have to stop, put my bag down, and deal with fussy zips and clips. I'm pretty much always running late so I needed to be able to convert the bag while walking up the street.
I'm so proud of this bag. There have been a few versions of it where I have made little adjustments to the size and straps, but I'm really happy with this final version. They key point for me is that when you are wearing this as a shoulder bag, you can't tell at all that it can also be a backpack. Oh, and it converts in a matter of seconds.

Untitled from Ali Kenworthy on Vimeo.


Chris (tinytines.com) said...

How clever!!! I'm no longer a student so I don't have that problem of lugging heavy books around anymore, but dude, great idea.

Annie Spandex said...

I absolutely love the peachy one. My mind is blown! You've come so far in a very short time! I'm so loving Bell Street! XO

Polly Pocket said...

How can I get one?