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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten photos

I take a lot of random photos that don't really fit in to any of my iPhoto events or blog posts - you know those photos you take when you're bored, or playing with your camera, the ones that just sort of sit by themselves in a lonely little folder and get forgotten about? I have so many of these that I decided I'm going to start putting them all in a folder together, and every time that folder gets to ten photos, I'll post them here. Ok? Let's do this.

sequinned basket
My boss recently got back from Bali and gave me this cute beaded basket/box. When I was little I had a pair of shoes covered in sequins and beads like this!

meringues for royal wedding
I made meringues to eat while watching the Royal Wedding. Did you watch it? We were lucky in Australia that it ended up being on in the evening so we didn't have to get up in the middle of the night or miss it while we were at work. My mum and I were on skype the whole time so we could have a kind of long-distance wedding party!

pink punch buggy
This pink VW is parked in our street all the time, I'm not sure if anyone ever drives it. Perfect subject for the 'select colour' function on my camera!

yellow skirt
I took a photo of this outfit as a kind of 'note to self' to wear more colour, more often. I love working with bright colours but as soon as the weather cools down I tend to go for navy, khaki or grey! Bright colours are so much more fun.

Whenever I remember I like to get a $5 bunch of flowers to have in the house. I think my big vase broke so these had to live in my red jug, but I think they suit it.

hina doll
When Dad and I were in Japan we were shocked at the price of these Hina dolls we kept seeing in department stores. Mainly because we knew that I had a set at home! My 'Japanese Grandparents' sent them to me when I was two and thankfully my Mum recognised that they were special and didn't let me play with them! There is a bride and groom, little furniture for them to sit on, flower vases, lamps, a screen and a music box. They are given to little girls as part of Hinamatsuri or Girl's Day.

There is a new installation thingy at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. From the outside it kind of looks like a mound of dirt with some grass growing on it, but inside it is really light and tranquil and... hard to describe.

at NGA
Right in the middle of the installation.

japanese meal
My dad loves to cook Japanese food and this time he really outdid himself! Edamame, yakitori, gyoza, Japanese pickles, miso and cabbage with tongkatsu sauce. Yum!

Pathi Harn's birthday
This little elephant had his first birthday in March and the zookeepers put on a little party for him. He got lots of boxes of bananas, big ice blocks filled with treats and a big shiny blue ball (inside the cardboard box). After about five minutes he was completely overwhelmed and stood next to the keepers while the rest of the heard enjoyed his presents. It was all very cute!


P R I M O E Z A said...

there's a strong common theme with all these pics - they all have a strong pop of colour!

Anonymous said...

Love your 10 random photos idea. Your writing is great!

Chris (tinytines.com) said...

Love the picture of the japanese dinner your dad prepared. SO COLOURFUL and fun.

Aria said...

I love the flowers in the red jug!
You HAVE to see Ghost World!!Everybody should do it!