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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vivid Sydney Festival

On Thursday night my boyfriend and I headed down to Circular Quay to check out the Vivid Sydney festival. I'd already seen a bit of it with my parents the week before but I wanted to return with my camera and show James. Of course it was all ridiculously hard to photograph, but that didn't stop everyone from trying! I felt like everyone there had a camera, and we were constantly walking into people's photos! It was kind of funny.

The projections on Customs House were absolutely amazing to watch but all look pretty boring in photos. I guess it's because the amazing part was the way it all moved and changed - if you watched it long enough, it looked like the actual building was breathing in and out, transforming itself, crumbling down and building back up again. Had to be there, sorry!

I'm surprised the Bridge didn't put up any party lights. Try harder next year, bridge (but don't worry, I still love you).

The projections on the Opera House were my favourite part. They kept changing and there were lots of different styles - I liked this psychedelic one best though. There was also a good one where the sails looked like rainbow fans, opening and shutting. I could have watched them all for hours!

There was a fire show set to Katy Perry's 'Firework' and Stravinsky's Firebird suite. It was basically just lots of fireballs. Kept us warm though.

We headed to the Australian Hotel for pizza. I didn't take any photos - I know photographing your food is some kind of blogger cliche but it never occurs to me. I just want to eat it! So you'll have to just trust me that the Peking Duck pizza is delicious.

Testing night photography skills while waiting for the train.

Vivid Sydney is on until Monday 13th June. If you go on the weekend, the Rocks Night Markets are on too. Check it out if you haven't already!


cara said...

Ah I need to get myself to Sydney one day, if only for a visit. Adelaide is so sleepy!

Elizabeth said...

i still need to check it out!! i still have till the 13th of june! fingers crossed i end up going!!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AHH LOOKS LIKE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL EVENING. I know what you mean - it's hard to capture beauty and atmospheres in photos! But you definitely do a good job. GAH I WANT TO BE THERE! Thanks for sharing, my friend!


olivias-pizzaz said...

loooks like a cool evening! Great blog!

Alicia said...

Those photos are beautiful, great place, really want to go one day!


Dreamy Princess said...

Wooow.. I love the projections at Opera House too. All are beautiful, though(:

Really? can't believe that you lived in Indo. I'm glad that you still can't forget this country(:

Dreamy Princess

lydia said...

oh very cool!
i especially like those people lights..

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

design elements said...

always lovely to see images from Sidney! happy weekend

Josie said...

This looks like an absolute BLAST!
xo Josie

House in Tillford said...

Some of my friends went to this soo pretty. Great photos.

Natalinez said...

What a wonderful post! I love Sydney ♥
Shall we follow each other? Let me know. I'd glad.
Visit my blog - natalinez.blogspot.com

Love xx

Winnie said...

This looks amazing, what an amazing place to see those projections. Also just mentioning peking duck makes me all hungry!