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Monday, July 4, 2011

IFB Links a la Mode

I haven't posted at all this week. That's not particularly unusual for me, except that I had gotten into a good blogging rhythm for awhile there and had every intention to keep that going. But, I didn't. I have no excuses.
Anyway, I was sitting here trying to think of something, anything I could post tonight to get myself out of the posting drought when I realised that I had been featured in this week's Links a la Mode from Independent Fashion Bloggers. Yay! That explains where the extra traffic was coming from. So, here's the full list of links featured this week, with an excellent introduction by Vahni.

Hey blogger. Get over yourself. Seriously.
Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour
This week I'm fresh out of love and rainbows, so there will be no kumbaya intro. Doesn't mean I don't love y'all, but I have got to tell you that lately, I'm a wee bit peeved by the fame-whoring and big-noting going on in the fashion blogosphere (and Twitterverse). Who of us doesn't want brand endorsements and blogging fame? We're all stars in our own right, and there is nothing wrong with ambition. But no one likes a self-absorbed, one-sided braggart. And no one likes an ass-kisser. Period.
Have you given props to someone other than yourself lately? Is every status update about hyping you? Is everything in your life now about the blog? As Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys wonders in her post, are you capturing reality on your blog or manufacturing it? If any of this sounds like you, you might be on the road to becoming a full-blown fame monster. Maybe it's time to check yourself.
A Challenge
If you're destined for blogging fame, it will come through dedication, professionalism, and genuine respect. Through interaction, supporting your community, and authenticity. Let's take blogging back to its roots. This week's roundup is chock full of posts teeming with creativity, wit, and wisdom. I challenge you all to not only read and comment on at least 10 blog posts, but to share them as well. Find something that resonates with you and tweet it, like it, stumble it. All those hearts and thumbs up weren't made just for you.
Links à la Mode: June 30th

Women's Shoes Sale at Shopbop: Heeled Sandals, Wedges, Platform Sandals, Pumps, Ballet Flats, Clogs, Heeled Boots, & Gladiators Sandals.

This now means I've posted two links lists in a row, but I'll do some more original posts later this week. Promise! I'm thinking of doing some posts about general sewing tips - how to get to know your sewing machine, common newbie mistakes, handy clothes alteration tricks, etc. Do you have any particular questions or topics you'd like covered? What would you like to learn how to do?


whitemaskgirl said...

Congratulations on being noticed there. I saw it yesterday and thought you did deserve it as that post was good.

Fashionistable said...

Well done for making the list. Good to see you there. Xxxx

OtherMix said...

Thanks for your comment! I think that maybe a mix of futuristic fashion shows and the "old school" would work just fine? I like the idea that new technology is getting everywhere. An improvement? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

And, I like the list of links! They're a great read!

Laura said...

Congrats on being in the Links ala` mode!!! Vahni's words of wisdom are to be heeded for sure =)

audrey marie said...

great post - i think everyone needs a bit of a reality check once in awhile!

StephieB said...

Congrats to you! You are right though - some people seem to live in a bubble that is all about them - but hey, if it's their blog then maybe that's ok?!

I would love to read about handy clothes alterations!

Thanks for your visit and comment. I love gardenias but it's the smell of freesias that bring back memories for me!

Hugs, Stephie x


I love the word Kumbuya. (That being said, I think I spelt in wrong.)

CONGRATS ON BEING LINKED. That's wayyy cool.

And yes, yesss, yesss! SEWING TIPS ON ANYTHING. Seriously. ANYTHING. Please send me the link AS SOON AS IT'S UP. nooo lieee.


Poppies and Sunshine said...

Great inspiration here to focus on other people more, rather than ourselves! Blogging and twitting and all that can really put people in a self-absorbed mode sometimes I think.

Susu Paris Chic said...


I like the idea of returning to the classy roots of blogging. Sharing and being genuine. Commenting and encouraging each other.

Go on pretty gal, you are doing just great!

cryskay said...

congrats for making the list! xx

thekellytang said...

Congrats on getting on the list!
Lovely blog!

<3 Kelly

EmmaB said...

Love your blog...

Well deserved making the list!