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Saturday, September 1, 2012


 Before we left for our trip, a lot of people kept asking 'Why Berlin?'
'You're going all the way to Europe and spending three weeks in the same place?'
This, to us, was our dream holiday. We've done the big trip around Europe thing. I've done it a few times. Berlin always stood out to us and I've never really been able to figure out exactly why. I think it's the history of the place that makes it so interesting, and it has a completely different feel to any other European city I've been to. Cities in Europe are so old, grand and beautiful. Coming from Sydney, which was only settled just over two hundred years ago, this can be disorientating. You feel like you're in a beautiful movie set that couldn't possibly be real. Like it's all set up just for the tourists. Berlin, on the other hand, feels real. It's constantly evolving and it feels like it's there for people to live in. We've always wanted to live there and when deciding where to go for a holiday, we thought 'Why not just rent a place in Berlin and pretend we live there for a few weeks?'
So that's what we did.

Now that we're moving to Manila, this trip feels like it was years ago and the dream to live in Berlin has been put on hold to make way for a different adventure. Those three weeks, though? Magical.


Chie Nishiki said...

Hello, Ali!!
I'm Chie(Saori's friend) from Japan.
I just got your lovely yellow bag now!!!!
I am so glad to have your bag:) I do love it!!
Thank you so much for sending it to me!!

Chie Nishiki

Hello Naka said...

i've always wanted to visit berlin after i watched Goodbye Lenin, nice photos :)

Fifi said...

Some of the buildings (especially the windows) look absolutely amazing! So cool~