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Friday, November 23, 2012

New(ish) items in the shop!

I've been adding some random items to the shop lately. Most of them are from a sample collection I made a couple of years ago when I was applying for my business grant. I didn't end up producing any of them because I wanted to focus on bags at first, but I sold a few of the garments at my market stall last year. Then when I was packing up our apartment in Sydney, I decided to photograph the rest of the collection and add it to the shop. The prices are really reasonable, most items are around $15-$25 as they are just one-off samples.

As all of these samples were made for a presentation, they are all an Australian size 10 (to fit an 87cm bust, 69cm waist and 99cm hips). Most of the garments, due to their shape or stretch fabric, have a bit of room in them. Check each individual item's page for measurements.

On the subject of measurements, which do you prefer/expect to see - a full measurement (ie. tape measure round the body) or a half measurement (garment measured lying flat). I can never decide... I used to do measurements lying flat but it gets confusing for people when it comes to things like stretch waistbands and measuring lengths and sleeves. This time I've done full measurements but that has its problems too - I need to make it clear that it's the garment measurement, not the measurements of the body it is designed to fit! It's all very tricky and I know measurements are really important to online shoppers... so what do you think? I'd really like your input.

Oh, and yes, I know Americans prefer inches. I usually provide both but I've been listing so many items lately I haven't got around to doing the conversion yet. In the meantime, use this.

1 comment:

ftashion said...

Lovely bright colours! Like the orange shift dress!