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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back Soon

I'm in Australia! Have been for almost a week, actually. I was supposed to fly home for our wedding next weekend, but a beloved uncle of mine passed away recently and I decided to come home early for the funeral. I'm now just hanging out at my parents' house and doing some last minute wedding projects (like sewing fifteen metres of bunting for the ceremony decorations!) until I head up to Sydney this weekend as originally planned. So, I didn't get to finish listing the Angie collection as planned, but you can look forward to seeing more of that when I get back to Manila in a few weeks. It'll end up being a very small collection as I'd like to move on to the next collection so I don't lose momentum!
Anyway, I'll try and post again before and after the wedding (12 days to go!) then I'll be back with more new products and LOTS of wedding photos on March 20.
See you then!

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