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Thursday, February 7, 2013

New in store: Angie & Ayumi T-shirts


Remember I mentioned maybe calling the new collection 'Angie'? Well, this is Angie. Angie arrived in Tokyo with nothing but a sewing machine. She knew no-one and got lost frequently. One day she stumbled upon a textile workshop, filled with happy chattering girls dipping scrunched up fabric into indigo dye. Angie introduced herself to Ayumi, who immediately said 'Angie? from the Rolling Stones song?' and Angie knew they would be best friends.


These t-shirts were made from quick illustrations I did while teaching a fashion design class. I liked how the girls turned out, so we made them into a screen print and coloured in their dresses by hand. Each one is slightly different and they are very limited edition.


This is Ayumi, in her favourite rainbow dress.


She also likes to wear her blue polka dot dress.


Angie has a blue polka dot dress to match.

Get the girls from the etsy store!

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