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Monday, January 27, 2014

Update - website changes and Australia Day ramblings

Just a quick update today to tell you about some changes to the website - I was playing around with it on the weekend and I'm really happy with how it looks. I've been trying to transition it from a fashion designer's website to a bridal designer's website, and I feel like that transition is pretty much finished now. I just need to create some more work to show off in the portfolio!

The blog has moved

The biggest change with the website is that this blog is now fully part of the main site (previously it was hosted on blogspot). So, if you have a bookmark to the blog, you'll need to change it to bell-street.com/blog, or if you use Bloglovin' to follow blogs (great service, terrible name) - you can subscribe to the new feed here. I'm still having trouble with the new RSS feed so I'll keep posting updates at both locations until that's fixed. Ok, hope that wasn't too complicated! Oh, and if you usually keep updated by just clicking on the links that I post to twitter or on my facebook page, you don't really have to worry about anything.

Happy (belated) Australia Day!

Yesterday was Australia day, which is a holiday I always love. Partly because it marks the anniversary of when I met my husband (seven years ago!) and partly because it's fun. Because it's officially the anniversary of British settlement in Australia, there's often discussion over whether this is something that really should be celebrated. I think of it like this - we should definitely have a national day to celebrate what we love about Australia. When should it be? Well, the anniversary of Federation is on New Year's Day, so that's taken. It should be in summer, so we can go swimming and have barbecues. It should be far enough away from Christmas and New Year that they don't all blend together, but before schools and universities go back. So... January 26? Sounds good. Now who wants a cheesymite scroll?

Lastly, I've been making a hot pink evening gown from this pretty lace. I was playing with some of the offcuts and I love how the flowers look individually... so now I'm trying to think of a way to use them. Decoration on a bridesmaid's dress? A pink and white wedding dress? I don't know.

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