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Monday, March 29, 2010

Elevator Pitch

We had to do a quick pitch to our class yesterday to 'sell' our collection (always hard to do when it hasn't been designed yet!). This was my pitch:

the collection is inspired by the streets of London, with a strong sixties influence.
It's a rebellious winter collection designed to fight through the London fog.
Bright wool coats and attention-grabbing hats complement a textiles-based collection of miniskirts and shift dresses.
There's so much more to London than double-decker buses and red phone booths, the interest is in the details.
Red geraniums overflowing out of window boxes.
Wrought iron fences covered in black glossy paint.
Bold black and red lettering on white enamel street signs.
300 year old pubs with crown glass windows and peculiar names on swinging signs.
A white terrace house with a red front door to brighten up the grey winter days.
A bright blue door to compete with the red one next to it.
This city has a colour palette all of it's own.
With striking pop art prints and playful silhouettes, my 2010 collection is Mary Quant collaborating with Zac Posen, Ben Sherman on acid, swinging london with a contemporary twist. It's an invitation to turn up the volume, show some leg and enjoy being young.

Crown or bullseye glass window panes - I was fascinated with these the first time I went to England!
image by RETRO STU on flickr

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