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Saturday, May 29, 2010


The colours aren't quite right, the shapes are just experiments, the prints aren't finalised...


... but I'm starting to get little glimpses of how my collection might turn out, and it's pretty exciting.


Robyn said...

love it all..the map print is spoton in scale. I love that the fence has gone from line to shape. the puffy coat is great.

Georgia said...

wow, very impressive! well done x

Lucy said...

Oooh how exciting! The patterns and colours youre using are really me, the geometic shapes etc, reminds me of my love for Holly Fulton!
you asked about the Brwos exhibition in London;
to see when it ends, please look at my sidebar box called 'shows and must sees' its there that i log all london events that im interested in and it'l include the dates. Im pretty sre its only on for another week though - its a short one! if you need more info, just google 'browns 40' and itll come up!
hope you can see it! let me know how london is for you!

the maisies said...

these are amazing!

Jodes said...

WOW girl. You have MAD skills. Seriously, I am so impressed. This collection is so beautifully done and so cohesive - it's a real COLLECTION. I remember you posting the mod vintage photos before and it's so great to see your vision.

roxy said...

LOVE the puffy coat. Looking forward to seeing your finished collection (please keep blogging about it!)