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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fourth Year blogs

I know some of you are interested in my course and the design process, so I thought I'd share some links to blogs by other students in my year. We're all blogging this semester because, in case you hadn't worked it out by now, this is all for an assessment task.

Melisa is a lovely, sunny person whose collection is all about death and memento mori

Jo's work is inspired by "ancient khmer temples, 19th century bohemian artists, film, music art and everything in between."

Chloe is my delightfully strange friend (I know she'll take that as a compliment) who, like me, is always stuck in the past. Her era of choice was a time of great but troubled writers, dusty books, corsets and feathered quills. The other day, a teacher was looking at her textiles samples and said 'This looks like a dead bird... fantastic!'

I can't remember Bronwyn's concept but she is doing menswear and her blog is really interesting.

Jess was the first person I met in my course and our mutual love of chocolate and lollies bonded us for good (Stay tuned for our Lolly Emporium, opening whenever we get sick of being fashion designers). Her collection is all about outlaws and is full of amazing knitwear.

Anthony is the only guy in our year group of 47. His collection is inspired by the seven days of creation, and if his moodboard is anything to go by, it should be pretty amazing.

Amelia is another textiles-based designer - although she actually did the textiles elective, so she's a real textiles person (I feel like I'm just faking it sometimes). Her blog has some amazing sculptural inspiration images. She's also awesome.

Kathryn's blog is full of inspiring photos and, unlike mine, has actual writing on most posts. Her collection is about an adventurous woman travelling to Marrakesh (I think).

Kate's collection is inspired by phantasmagoria, and is going to have the most amazingly weird and wonderful prints. She's invented a family of strange little characters and is currently making up stories about them.

Ginger (yes it's her real name, no she doesn't have red hair, shut up now) is the menswear queen. Lover of 'good beards', English accents and skinny rockstars, her blog is pretty damn good eye candy. She's the only girl who can look amazing wearing her dad's old clothes. She and Jess are off to conquer London next year and I will miiiiissssss themmmmm.

There are lots of other good student blogs (which you can probably find by looking through everyone's links lists) but I'll leave it at these ten for now.


Anonymous said...

OK I looked at al of them.. yours is the best!

Robyn said...

Your blog is so joyful and funner! love mum.

Andie said...

woah that apple boutique is sick! i love it!!!