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Saturday, May 8, 2010

RAFW: New Generation Pt 1

I guess I spoke too soon about not being involved much with fashion week this year. Thanks to Emma Veall, I was able to go to the New Generation show on Friday. I'm glad I waited a full day before blogging about it, because if I'd done it when I got home last night, I probably would have written something like 'New Generation = Fashion Week fail'. Now I know that most fashion shows start late, maybe somewhere between 15-30 minutes after their scheduled time. I was prepared for this. What I wasn't prepared for was waiting almost two hours to get in to the OPT theatre with no explanation as to what was going on. They kept shuffling and moving the line around so we'd think we were right about to go in. If I'd known the show wouldn't start til ten to four I wouldn't have waited. The way they kept moving the line around, I ended up one of the last people to go in even though I was in the first part of the line when I originally lined up. Thank god I wore semi-comfortable shoes. Being one of the last in, I was standing at the back, on the top tier of seating which, when standing up, put my face directly in line with the industrial air conditioning vent. While the models paraded down the runway in skimpy swimwear under hot lights, I felt like I was standing at the front of a ferry on a cold windy day.
So, as you can probably gather, I didn't enjoy being there very much. I spent most of the show counting down the designers to the end and looking forward to going home and sitting on the couch. I don't want to sound like some kind of anti-fashion-week hermit, I usually really enjoy going to the shows. If I'd blogged last night, this post would have stopped here.
However, this morning I thought I should look up some photos from yesterday, and in the warmth and comfort of my apartment, I actually realised that I had liked a lot more looks than I had initially thought. There's a lot (it was a pretty long show!), so I'll split them into three posts.

Emma Veall

Nathan Paul Swimwear


All photos from zimbio

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