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Thursday, May 20, 2010


When I'm done reading a magazine, before throwing it out I like to go through and cut out any pictures I like. Then I arrange the pictures into common colours or themes and stick them in a little notebook. It's a bit random but I love flicking through it, it's like my own magazine with only stuff I like! It also serves as great design inspiration when I'm sewing for myself.

scrapbook1 6
scrapbook1 9
scrapbook1 8
scrapbook1 7
scrapbook1 4
scrapbook1 5
scrapbook1 3
scrapbook1 2
scrapbook1 1

sorry the quality is bad on some, I accidentally scanned them at a really low resolution


wilbs said...

lovely. the second is my favourite! also like the effect of the low res scanning on the last few pictures. x

R. said...

I do this too! And I'm not even a fashion/design student; just an over-organised nerd :p I like the second and third ones best.


jessica said...

i do that too ! it's like your own personal magazine :)

avalonne summers said...

I love magazine cutouts! But I don't really buy magazines, I just flip through them at Borders or the library. I love it when people scan them and post them on their blogs, it makes it easier for me to catch up :)

Gracie said...

Ooh they're good, I think I should do that! Haha

cass and cady said...

Looks like you had some fun. Great colors.

jenh said...

:o aha i used to always cut pictures out of magazines and make collages out of them! except yours looks a lot nicer :) and the colour schemes are great!