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Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Goodness me I haven't posted here all week! The end of semester is rapidly approaching and I've been busy with lots of uni work and long weekend festivities - my family has more traditions associated with the first weekend of the ski season than Christmas and Easter combined (seriously- we're not religious and we really really like skiing). This season is especially exciting for me as I've now been skiing for twenty years! Mum made a small ice sculpture to commemorate the occasion. I'm not joking.

Back to the collection, this is an overview of the 12 looks that make up my collection. We make six looks for the fashion show in December but we design 12 for the assessment this semester. The first six are the looks that will be made for the show.
As always, the drawings are quick drafts, colours not completely finalised, etc etc.



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