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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week has just wrapped up in London. How amazing would it be if we had this in Australia? It would have been so helpful when I was in high school and deciding which uni to go to! Looking through the collections, I actually had no idea there were this many fashion courses available in the UK. I was excited to see so many playful collections full of colour and textiles, as fashion students so often gravitate towards black and neutrals with just one accent colour (or maybe that's just here?).
Looking at these collections makes me excited and scared and jealous and about a thousand other things. It's very weird to think that I'm less than six months away from this. Argh!

Enuvierhire Sophia Orere, University of East London

Jenny Pusey, University of Central Lancashire

Jessica Thompson, University of Central Lancashire

Charlotte Helyar, Edinburgh College of Art

Anna Piercy, UCA Epsom

Harriet Clinch, Ravensbourne College of Design

Amy Addison, Ravensbourne College of Design

Danielle Ingemann, Ravensbourne College of Design

Thomasin Gautier-Ollerenshaw, Birmingham City University

Anna Louise Moxen, Northbrook College

Danielle Ferguson, University of Salford

Frezia Almisa Zaraat, De Montfort University

Maria G N Lazari, De Montfort University

Tahlia Goodwin, Nottingham Trent University

Claire Hartley, Nottingham Trent University

Emma Philpot, Nottingham Trent University

Anna Tiersen, Arts University College, Bournemouth

All photos from here

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