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Friday, June 24, 2011

Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton is one of my favourite current designers. Her work is distinctive and instantly recognisable with her focus on jewellery and art deco embellishment.
I love her colour palettes, 60s silhouettes and geometric prints. When gathering inspiration for my grad collection last year, I had a lot of Holly Fulton images on my mood boards!

all images from style.com and hollyfulton.com

Which designers are you loving at the moment?


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Dreamy Princess said...

Wow! The prints are gorgeous and bold. AWESOME job!

Well, I don't have fav designers right now coz it's been a while since my last time watching fashion shows T,T
My internet connection is so lame.. But I'll always love Marc Jacob (:

Dreamy Princess

danniekate said...

Fulton is always amazing, and I love her displays at LFW! she's always brilliant. right now, i'm obsessed with carolina hererra, jason wu and the fashion fringe finalists! xx

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YESSSSSSS. I love her too! Her designs are so whimsical and fun. Sometimes fashion is too serious... but she has FUN. I love it. Beautiful.


Laura said...

Her designs are amazing!!!! I don't really pay attention to the shows each season but I always love Donna Karan and Micheal Kors.

StephieB said...

Love that last outfit with the huge beads - amazing! Stephie x

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

I love the shift dress style she has! As well as her palate and the embellishments! Thank you for adding her to my loving these looks list!

fashion bucket. said...

oh man i love so much of this stuff! i was looking at one picture thinking 'oh yeah i will comment on this' but then i kept on scrolling down and it is just too hard to choose! the maxi skirts in the first couple of pics though are so so amazing! overall great prints and colours

-fb X