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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things to look at on a Sunday night

The title says it all - this is just a random selection of photos, art, fashion and design that have caught my attention lately.

1960s London by Tripendicular

Amethyst by The Pairabirds

 Miu Miu in Dazed and Confused (via slow motion crawl)

Clementine by Ashley Goldberg

I don't know where this photo is from. It's cool though.

 Explore the Universe, via Etsydudes

 Awesome girl with a clock, via Tripendicular

Bend chairs (via Elle Decor)

Collaged map artwork by Matthew Cusick (via but does it float)

Krisatomic's map of London

Kasimir Melavich
Suprematism (Supremus No. 58)
1916 (via Hollywood Babylon)

New York by Bianca Gomez (via Grain Edit)

It was my birthday on Friday. I had a 60s party.


roxanne said...

hah, i had a 60s themed birthday party a couple of months back. hope it was a good one!

cryskay said...

i looove the 60s! to answer your question, ellen didnt sing w/ taylor but she was on stage playing an instrument. lol xx

Aria said...

I love the pics of this post!I heart the New York one!

Sian said...

I love pretty much everything in this post! That first photo is so lovely, and a 60s themed party sounds amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your birthday first of all. 60's party sounds funny. And this is so a nice collection of photos, I liked the women in the yellow coat especially.


AHHH ADOREEE THESE PHOTOS! Such an accumulation of marvelous inspiration. I totally saved a handful to my desktop - thank you oodles!