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Friday, October 26, 2012

New sample in store - Embellished denim shorts

I was photographing a bunch of samples to put into the etsy store when I came across these denim shorts I 'made' (as in, I shortened some jeans). I had always intended to embellish them somehow but never got around to it.

I grabbed some masking tape and went crazy...

...mixed up some gold paint (acrylic paint works well on denim)...

...painted over the masking tape...

...and peeled the tape off!

As with most samples I make, I immediately fell in love with them and decided to keep them for myself.

I then remembered that I'm moving to the Philippines in three weeks (!!!) and already have too many clothes, so into the store they went.

Get 'em here! and keep an eye out for more samples going into the store over the next week or too. 

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1 comment:

Fifi said...

So you didn't use fabric paints, just ordinary ones? Does it last very well?