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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wedding Things

With so little time until I move to Manila (11 days!), I've had to do a lot of the wedding planning before I leave - we're coming back home to Sydney to get married in March. Luckily I already knew what I wanted, and it's going to be a pretty small, low-key wedding so it has been pretty easy to plan and prepare for so far!


Our first step was picking a 'spot' in the park to get married. This park is right near our first apartment and where we went to uni, and when we moved to our second apartment we walked through it every day to get to uni. We've picked a spot that's a bit quieter than the rest of the park, shaded from the sun and with a great view of the city (hard to see in the pictures taken on my phone). The top right picture is a little experiment, I want it to look like our initials are carved/written on the tree. We'll do it with white contact but yellow was the only colour we had to try out the idea with. I think it'll look great with white.

Next up was the great flower experiment. My mum and I both wanted to try making bouquets ourselves, as florists are expensive and it seemed like it would be fun! So we went to the flower market and grabbed whatever we could find in yellow and white, invited my friend/bridesmaid over, put a movie on (Strictly Ballroom, of course) and had a go. I think it worked really well, and it was definitely fun so we'll be making our own flowers when the time comes. If you're wondering about how well they'd last, I put my bouquet in the fridge after making it and it was still looking good up to five days later!

Our reception venue is a bookshop/bar/cafe, so making bookmarks for Save the Dates seemed like a natural choice. I wrote the text out by hand while on the train on the way to uni and was so happy with it I just left it exactly how it was, scanned it in and added some colour with the yellow spots. I think the handwritten look sets the tone nicely for a fun, casual wedding. We printed the bookmarks at Officeworks and bought some cute flower stamps to decorate the envelopes - definitely the most fun part of the process! I spent a couple of late nights addressing and stamping envelopes (it takes forever!) and sent them off the other day, so people have just started receiving them.

I have just started work on my dress, but any progress photos of that will be going into a super top secret folder for now. I don't want to give too much away! Don't worry, I'll do a big 'how I made my own wedding dress' post after the wedding!


House of Milk said...

Bookmarks for save the date cards are brilliant. You did such a great job designing them, too. *sigh* I wish I could go back and plan my wedding again! :)

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

Ooo everything looks beautiful, Ali! I can't wait to see your pics in March!!!
Good luck with your move too! So many exciting things happening! Can't wait to see what designs you come up with while in Manila!

Chris @ tinytines said...

How lovely, Ali! Happy planning. I got married almost a month ago so I totally can identify with the excitement :) I SO look forward to seeing pics of the wedding dress you'll be making. xo