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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have a Very Sixties Christmas

Hello... Merry Christmas! Our shipment from Australia arrived yesterday so we've been busy unpacking and setting everything up... the apartment finally feels more like 'our place'! I've been distracting myself by making a sixties Christmas playlist (it's at the bottom of this post) and looking at lots of vintage Christmas cards and photos from the sixties.

How to bring a bit of sixties style to your Christmas day:
  • Pick two colours (red & white, maybe?) and wear only those colours from head to toe. There was no such thing as being 'too matchy-matchy'
  • Use LOTS of sparkle in your decorations. Glittery ornaments, silver wrapping paper and lots and lots of tinsel!
  • Go old-school with your pre-dinner nibblies. Try some devils on horseback, or cheese cubes and cocktail onions on toothpicks. Actually, anything on a toothpick is a good idea!
  • Make some ridiculously strong punch. Make sure it's pink!
  • If you're in a warm climate, wear a big silky dress or kaftan with lots of sparkly jewellery. In a cold climate, put on your best Christmas jumper with a pleated skirt and warm knee-high socks.

  • Hook some Christmas baubles onto a pair of earrings. The bigger, the better!

Enjoy your Christmas festivities! On Christmas day we're going to a big Christmas buffet at the Shangri La restaurant. We got invited to it right after we'd bought all the food to make our own Christmas dinner, so we'll do our dinner on Christmas Eve instead. We'll be trying to recreate a good Aussie Christmas dinner (actually lunch but we call it dinner) with turkey, ham, all our favourite salads, and pavlova for dessert. We've got lots of fun drinks to invent some Christmas cocktails and we'll spend the day watching all the Christmas episodes of The Office and QI, and working our way through some movies - Love Actually, Elf, The Santa Clause, Muppets Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th St. Then we're going out for drinks with a friend and when we come home, we'll open our presents at midnight and have some more food - apparently it's the Filipino thing to do!
What are you doing for Christmas?

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