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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in Makati

Here's a collection of photos to get you into the Christmas spirit! That is, if you're not already there.
These were all taken around the area where we live. They LOVE decorating for Christmas here. Apparently most of this stuff has been up since October.

This is a really pretty area with lots of outdoor bars. It feels so lovely to sit out in the evening cool amongst all the lit-up palm trees!

I think this is the park that looks the prettiest, but of course it's the hardest one to photograph. You just have to be there to appreciate it all - EVERY tree in the park is lit with fairy lights and beautiful star-shaped lanterns. It's magical!

This colourful glitter-covered Christmas tree appeared in the lobby of the serviced apartments we were staying in before we moved into our permanent place. The whole floor was covered in glitter after they brought it in!

This light show in Ayala Triangle Gardens is set to music - the colours flash and change and those big round lanterns bounce up and down. It's pretty amazing to see!

We've had random fireworks displays in different parts of the city almost every night for the last week - sometimes two in one night. While I was taking the photo above, my popcorn caught fire on the stove. True story. Fireworks are my weakness, as soon as I hear them I have to run out on the balcony to watch!

I used this Christmas tree wall sticker to decorate my fridge. As you do.

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