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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hmm... what can I show you?

I haven't had much to post lately, because I've been working on making my wedding dress (!) and I don't want to show any photos of that process until after the wedding! I've also been working on some bridesmaid dresses for someone else's wedding, so that's another project I don't want to share until it's all done. So... what can I show you?


My March 2013 collection rack is starting to fill up... don't worry, it's not ALL tie-dye. I just haven't finished the other stuff yet. I'm a little bit behind my original schedule, because I made those plans before I got engaged so didn't factor in the wedding dress! I think this collection will be called Angie. I'll be starting to list items in the Etsy store over the next few weeks.

Bell Street- countess top

This is my favourite piece so far. I've called it the Countess top because the neckline and flutter sleeves were inspired by a dress worn by Cora on Downton Abbey. I love that show!


Speaking of collections, I've got a bit of a moodboard going for the next one. The map was painted by my mum for our storybook inspired wedding invitations. I had already decided on the colours for the collection before I realised that the map fits in perfectly!

A couple more things from around the apartment:
plants, books & vintage clock

I'm very much liking this corner of the living room. The whole room needs more plants and more books.

world map with fairy lights

This world map, with black dots for places visited, has been on my wall in four different apartments now. I thought I'd fancy it up with some fairy lights.


It's been nice and cool in Manila lately, and raining on and off all day today. I realised that I can get a bit of a panorama shot by taking photos from different windows! The area we lived in Sydney was very residential so I'm still getting used to seeing so many buildings in every direction. It's never boring.

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