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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bit obsessed with... all things glittery

I love glitter. I was about twelve last time all things glittery were in fashion, which was convenient for me. It's perfectly fine for a twelve or thirteen year old to go off to a school social (dance/disco/whatever) with various forms of glitter on her eyelids, lips, cheeks, hair and nails. Nowadays I might look a bit nuts if I did that. It's not that I'm too old (I think as long as the glitter particles aren't settling into wrinkles, you're good to go), but aside from Mardi Gras there aren't too many occasions for adults that call for dousing yourself entirely in glitter. 
Now, instead of getting my fix from sweetly scented cosmetics (my Bonne Bell face glitter smelled like marshmallows), I tend to go for glitter accessories that I can pair with normal clothes in an attempt to look like a proper, yet slightly sparkly, grown up. 

I recently discovered Ban.do accessories and have my eye on their wide glitter headbands... and everything else on their site.

Etsy is full of glittery goodness but I particularly like stoopidgerl's offerings... I've had that silver diamond shaped necklace for years!

Another necklace option comes from Head Full of Feathers - she's got lots of lovely hearts, skulls and stars in all different colours. I particularly like the gold and silver ombre stars necklace.

I've mentioned Golden Ponies plenty of times before but they get another mention because almost all of the Golden Ponies shoes are available in gold, silver, black or multicoloured glitter. Yay! I couldn't find pictures on the site but I did have this instagram picture of my glitter ballet flats. 

Finally, I just ordered these gold glitter sunnies from Asos and I can't wait for them to arrive! They appear to be sold out now but they still have these ones which are quite similar.

Of course, the easiest and cheapest way to get a bit of glitter into your look is with glitter nailpolish. My work prevents me from having nice painted fingernails (sewing pins destroy manicures), but I've always got glittery toenails. Yay for sparkles!

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