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Thursday, November 14, 2013

(Not) guilty pleasure - royal splendour

I have so many 'guilty pleasures' that I don't feel guilty about them. Why should you be ashamed of the things you like? I could pretend that I watch hours of Say Yes to the Dress and Project Runway for 'research', but the truth is I just love those shows and I'm happy to admit it. So I figured I'd share some of these 'not guilty pleasures' on the blog from time to time to celebrate some of more random things I love.

The first not guilty pleasure I'll share is my love of all things royal. Tiaras, horses, insignia, diamonds, tiaras, corgis, traditions, tiaras, jewels, hats and... yeah, mainly the tiaras. This interest is completely indulged by an amazing blog, The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, who features all of the above in abundance.

I'd say my #1 royal is of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She's got the best jewellery and she's so careful about choosing it - the brooch she wears almost always has a connection to the event she's attending. She wears bright colours so that people who have stood outside for hours to see her can actually see her, she's a dog person, and she's always got sensible shoes on. I love finding rare footage of her in a more casual setting - I think my favourite video is this one of her taking the grandchildren out with the horses at Balmoral. My only complaint against Granny Liz is that she has a huge collection of amazing tiaras and lots of female relatives to share them with, yet she hardly every holds any tiara events. What's the point of being royal if you don't get to wear a tiara to a glittering party every evening?

This brings me to another favourite, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. If you want tiaras, the Swedes have got plenty. Not only that, they actually wear them. That's Victoria in the photo above attending the Nobel Prize ceremony in a Napoleonic era tiara that her mum found in a cupboard (!) at the palace. That dress is also incredibly beautiful - this woman knows how to dress like a princess! Victoria also wins royal points for putting her adorable daughter, Princess Estelle, in a tiny baby-sized royal order at her christening.

Speaking of adorable babies and royal christenings, I can't write a post on royalty without mentioning the Cambridges, can I? Kate's dress at Prince George's christening was the best demonstration of mother-son outfit co-ordination I've ever seen. Unfortunately Kate doesn't seem to be much of a jewellery fan, but she does love a good winter coat so it's all ok.

I'll wrap up this rather random and rambling post with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, originally Mary Donaldson from Tasmania. Her wedding dress will always be one of my favourite royal wedding dresses and she (or someone at the palace) has a special skill for always choosing exactly the right dress to show off her impressive jewels and orders.

I indulge my love of all things princess-like on my Pinterest board, 'Princess Things'. Starry Diadem is a great pinner to follow if you love tiaras and jewels!

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