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Friday, November 30, 2012

Portfolio update

Just wanted to let you know that in addition to redesigning the look of the blog (I hope you've noticed!), I've also updated and re-worked my portfolio page. I've still got some photos to add and edit, but at least it should all be a bit better organised now. All you need to do is select a category to look at some of my previous work!

                      Graduate Collection                                                      Custom Made

                      University Work                                                              Bell Street

I added a 'custom made' category to showcase some of the random jobs I do for customers, such as the Rollergirl costumes, custom raincoats, and a project I haven't really talked about much - Amy-Kate's wedding dress!

(photographer: Nick Li, Dreamlife Photography)
It was so much fun to work with that lovely lace and I'm really proud of how the dress turned out. She looked beautiful!

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