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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sixties hair inspiration

I love all the amazing hair styles of the sixties. There were the super edgy, modern short styles popularised by Twiggy (top & bottom left), Edie Sedgwick (centre) and my idol, Mary Quant (top right)...

... the hilarious, so-much-hairspray-I've-created-my-own-helmet look seen on TV housewives...

...and the cute blunt fringes (or bangs, as US readers would call them) favoured by Cathy McGowan (top left) and that girl holding a giant pocket watch for no apparent reason (bottom left... as if she needed pointing out).

My favourite style is the loose, slightly messy layered styles full of volume, done to perfection by Brigitte Bardot (left), Jean Shrimpton (top right) and Steph from Quadrophenia (bottom right). How perfect is that beehive-ponytail in the orangey-yellow photo? I can never get my hair to do that.

I can, however, get a pretty good half-up-half-down beehive going when I make the effort.


1 comment:

Isa said...

I love how good some of this stuff looks in the old photographs yet how totally ridiculous it would look if you saw someone on the street now with them (like the helmet hair). There is some gold in here, though, it's just a matter of reinterpreting and wearing it well!