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Friday, April 5, 2013


fabric printing Bell Street pastel fashion design instagram

I started work on the new collection this week and I've been sharing some of the progress on Instagram. The collection will be called Billie and should be finished by mid May. I like to write a little story about the namesake of each collection to sort of set the mood and work out the inspiration, so here's Billie's story.

Billie lived in a small town by a big lake. The weather was beautiful every day and the houses were painted in pastel colours. Billie loved when the fair came to town every summer. Her favourite ride was the ferris wheel where she could watch all the people from above. She dreamed of opening up an ice cream shop in the main street with a fairground theme - she'd sell fairy floss, popcorn and toffee apples, and play the Beach Boys all year round.

There'll be lots of soft, sweet colours and plenty of print with a bit of sparkle too. I've been working on fabrics this morning, and I accidentally spilled highly concentrated yellow dye all over the kitchen bench. Because I'm hilarious and love puns, I tweeted that it was a 'dyesaster'. Ha! Hmm. Anyway I now have bright yellow hands, my kitchen smells like bleach and I have learned that fabric dye won't permanently stain marble bench tops, but it will try it's best. 

Follow me on instagram to keep updated with the progress of the collection!

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