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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thailand & Hong Kong Disneyland

For our honeymoon, we just wanted to go somewhere nice and relaxing on the way home to the Philippines. We decided to go back to Koh Kho Khao, a resort in Thailand we'd stayed at a few years ago. We had a great time then and were really excited to go back. I'd been thinking about the food at their restaurant ever since! We also thought we should have a couple of nights at a nice hotel in Sydney before we left, and James suggested stopping at Hong Kong on the way back from Thailand. Of course, I turned that into a Disneyland trip. It was awesome.
I hardly took any photos of our trip because we kind of had photo fatigue after the wedding, and all the destinations were kind of familiar to us anyway. Also, who wants to worry about their camera while at the beach or on rides at Disneyland?
So, here's a very brief photo recap of our trip.

The view from Koh Kho Khao's beach restaurant.

We were upgraded to a little bungalow right next to the pool! We were actually upgraded at every hotel during the trip. Yay honeymoon!

We did an island hopping day trip to the Similan Islands. We even went snorkelling, despite my fear of scary things in the ocean. We didn't come across any scary sea monsters, only lots and lots of colourful fish, so I'm glad I did it. It was fun! I guess it's only in Australia that everything in the ocean can possibly kill you.

I think this was the island we stopped at for lunch.

In Hong Kong we stayed at Disneyland Hotel, which was perfectly lovely and fancy and magical, just what you want on a honeymoon! Here it is looking all foggy and mysterious in the morning.

We found a lovely card in our (upgraded) room, and Mr & Mrs Potato Head badges!

... which I insisted on wearing, of course! We got special treatment all day.

Minnie Mouse was particularly excited for us and gave me a big hug!

A concierge at the hotel helped us with directions in the morning, and noticed our honeymoon badges so he made us Mickey Mouse wedding rings out of pipe cleaners and proudly presented them to us the next day! It was so sweet.

We actually ended up having dinner that night with all the characters, completely by accident! I thought they only appeared at this restaurant at breakfast, so we figured we'd go there for dinner. We walk in and there's Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald... the whole gang! We'd left our camera and both our phones in our room so just ended up having funny non-verbal conversations with them all and kept eating our dinner!

We intended on spending the next day wandering around Hong Kong, but ended up spending half the day dealing with not-fun visa stuff. That was boring and doesn't even make a good story, but we will definitely return to Hong Kong again soon with more time to see everything!

Our next trip will be our first Philippine holiday, a trip to Boracay in a few weeks to celebrate James' birthday. I can't wait!

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Chris & Kerrie said...

Lovely honeymoon - looks like a lovely island getaway. Boracay looks another get place for a relaxing birthday!