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Saturday, April 20, 2013

New site

I have a new website and I'm so happy with it! bell-street.com will now take you to my shiny new homepage, where you can shop online, look at my portfolio or click through to this blog here.  The address is still the same, and the content is very much the same at the moment, but everything is just so much prettier. This is the kind of website I have been wanting for years! It's clean, professional, and it makes everything in my portfolio look so much better.

I built the site with Virb, which made everything really easy and fun. I realise this is going to sound like an informercial, but this isn't a sponsored post. I'm just really excited about my site! They've got lots of existing themes and templates, so if you're totally new to the process you can just drop your text & photos in and you're ready to go, or you can customise the design to get it exactly how you like it, like I did. You also get a 10-day free trial! That's plenty of time to get your site up and running to see if you like it.

The selling point with Virb was that they have recently partnered with Etsy - meaning that I could import my entire Etsy inventory onto the website, but still maintain the store through Etsy. Have a look - it looks like a beautiful, cleanly designed independent online store, but it uses Etsy's checkout process. The store on Etsy is unaffected. So I get a pretty store, with all the convenience and benefits of being an Etsy seller. You would not BELIEVE how happy this makes me! Well, maybe you would, considering I've just written two long paragraphs about a website!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and let you have a look around the website. There's some new work in the 'Custom Made' section of my portfolio, I'll post more about that next week. Please have a look around and let my know if you find any broken links or anything that isn't working!

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