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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Colours of London

Even though my dissertation focuses on boutiques in the sixties, I think my collection will be based more on London in general - particularly elements of London's streets - the brightly painted front doors, black wrought iron fences, flower boxes against white walls, red post boxes... I have to be really careful not to be too clich├ęd, though! For this reason I'm trying to avoid anything you might find on a keyring in a souvenir shop - double decker buses, black cabs, red phonebooths... you get the picture.

image by ehmeelu on flickr

image by becksldrt on flickr

image by sludgegulper on flickr

image by barberdavidm on flickr

image by Kake Pugh on flickr

image by Francob65 on flickr

image by Greg Grabinski on flickr

image by nicksarebi on flickr

image by -infamous on flickr

image by AndyRob on flickr

image by Ducklover Bonnie on flickr

What I love most about these images is that it's so easy to see a strong colour palette coming through already. The next challenge is to find a way to work with red, white and blue that hasn't been seen a million times before... I'll definitely use touches of grey and black to make it more 'London' (for some reason when I think of London, I think of glossy black paint), and I might even experiment with including dark green.


Anonymous said...

Love the bold colours in the pictures you've chosen, against the white purity of the buildings! Where are you studying fashion?

PS it's helarious from frankie ♥ :)

the maisies said...

these definitely capture an original essence of London. they make me wish i was back there...

beastie said...

...i just stumbled across your blog, i like it very much! the ship and shovel pub is right next to where i work!

ehmeelu said...

Thanks for the link to my photo!

Ali said...

lesdeux - thanks, but I didn't have to work too hard to choose the colours - London just IS those colours! I'm at UTS.

the maisies - thank you thank you! that's exactly what I want to do.

beastie - really? that's so cool! hope it's a good pub! (It's good looking anyway!)

ehmeelu - no problem, it's a great photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh great! I was going to nearly study there fresh out of HS but then made a last minute decision against. Who knows how things would have turned out! It is true, London does have very bold plain colours, it's still a great city though!