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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goodbye Sydney

After an extremely busy week of final uni assessments and packing, I closed up my apartment and left Sydney on Saturday. I'm loving Manila so far and will start bombarding you with photos soon, but for now I wanted to share some photos of the city I left behind. Some sites you'll recognise, some you won't - but all of these views became part of my daily life over the last six years and I'll miss them a lot.

Lovely view of the city from Botanic Gardens

Every Sydneysider loves the ferries - the best way to go for fish & chips or ice cream!

Botanic Gardens

All around the harbour there are untouched beaches and walking paths to explore.

I walked through this park every day on my way to uni - and we're getting married there next year!

Another part of my walk home

This 'river' (more of a canal) is right near where we lived for the last two years. It's a great place to walk along and get away from noisy traffic!

The city all lit up for Vivid Sydney

I still love the bridge, no matter how many times I've seen it. It's just so awesome!

I've never known what this building is for but I've always liked it. It's between Circular Quay and the Rocks

Botanic Gardens - I used to walk here a lot the first year I moved to Sydney.

This park used to be a cemetary and was right near our second apartment. In the evening it fills with dogs playing and people having evening picnics!

The Opera House lit up for Vivid Sydney

Another park near our second apartment

Tropfest, the annual short film festival held in the Domain. I feel like EVERYONE goes to this and it almost always rains at some point!

Jacaranda trees are one of my favourite things about Sydney. Every year from October to December, the city and suburbs are dotted with these huge purple flowering trees - and my favourite part is when they start dropping flowers on the ground like a big purple carpet! They look especially beautiful when it rains - it brings out the purple!

This is the view from our last apartment, and that's our little removalist truck taking away all of our stuff! Most of it went into storage, but 2 cubic metres of it should be making its way here soon!

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